Zerto is a disaster recovery, backup and workload mobility software provider. As a Zerto partner, Stryve offers the following products to its clients. 


Zerto’s disaster recovery solution utilises Continuous Data Protection, or CDP, to ensure that customer data is always protected. CDP is a backup solution that offers precise, any point-in-time recovery that is accurate down to the second. By automatically capturing and tracking any alterations that occur, Zerto’s solution can restore data from any given time. Unlike classic snapshot backup solutions – which replicate data at scheduled times throughout the day - CDP replicates changes while they are occurring. Constant replication not only provides better protection, but it also does not impact performance. 
On the other hand, snapshot backups do incur a substantial performance penalty which can have a significant impact on businesses. Perhaps the most advantageous distinction between CDP and snapshot backup solutions is that, in the event of a disaster, CDP can recover data from mere seconds before an incident occurred. Contrastingly, with a snapshot backup solution companies could lose hours of information. Zerto’s backup solution guarantees minimal data loss, zero downtime and that customer data will be protected no matter what.  


Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform enables companies to migrate data in minutes with minimal downtime and disruption. Migrations can include moving from an on-premise backup solution to the cloud, from old hardware to new hardware, or from one hypervisor to another. Regardless of the migration task at hand, Zerto’s solution makes a previously arduous task simple and efficient. With the IT Resilience Platform, migrations are more like a background task because Zerto’s solution has built-in bandwidth throttle, zero downtime and minimal impact on organisations’ production environments.


Traditionally, moving between multiple clouds has been a complex task for most organisations. However, Zerto simplifies this process and allows companies to easily move between different clouds depending on their needs. Zerto does so by providing a single interface across all cloud platforms. All of the various cloud platforms can offer customers different benefits and functionalities. Zerto recognises this and allows companies to maximise their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. This solution enables companies to save time and money. As well as this, it minimises production impact and reduces resource overhead. The move to the cloud is a big step for any business, however, Zerto recognises that moving to the cloud is rarely the final solution for its customers. Many organisations will want to move between clouds, either permanently or for a limited time, and Zerto’s solution allows them to do so in an easy, straightforward and cost-effective way. 
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