Data Security

Data Security is at the Core of Every Stryve Solution.

Data Security Solutions

Data security refers to the ways in which we protect our information from unauthorised access and corruption. In a sense, data security is an umbrella term; it encompasses everything from encrypting data to ensure hackers cannot access it to backing up to the cloud. Everything Stryve does revolves around data security and, no matter what service you are after, protecting your data will be at the core.

Data Security
Data Secuirty: Secure Private Cloud  

When it comes to protecting your data, opting for private cloud over public is the best way to go. Stryve’s private cloud solutions will never require you to configure them and they each have built-in redundancy, disaster recovery, and backup and restore features. Moreover, the very nature of the private cloud makes securing your data that bit easier; the attack surface of the public cloud is bigger and, because it is composed of publicly shared virtualised resources, attacks are harder to defend against.  

Data Security: Immutable Backups  

With ransomware attacks increasing around the world and across every sector, ensuring that your data is protected is becoming more and more challenging. With Stryve’s immutable backup solution, you will always have a safe and untouched copy of your data available.  Customers often wonder why an immutable backup solution is needed in addition to a regular backup solution. Simply put, immutable backups provide a layer of data security that regular backups cannot and ensure that you will have a copy of your data available, no matter what.  


Data Security: Disaster Recovery  

Many customers wonder whether investing in a disaster recovery solution is a wise move. The possibility of a disaster occurring often seems too remote to warrant careful consideration. However, if disaster does strike, protecting all of your data will be near impossible without a disaster recovery solution in place. We offer you access to the latest cutting-edge technology and guarantees that you will have zero data loss, no matter what.  

Data Security: Secure Online Backups  

For many years, backing up to tapes was common practice. However, as technology evolved, people realised that secure online backups offer an array of advantages that traditional backups simply cannot. Traditional backups did have the capacity to protect your data, but for many companies, they were far from an ideal solution. At Stryve, our secure online backup solution ensures that your data is protected, no matter where you are. You can access your files from anywhere and will always have a copy of your data available to you.

Data Security: Cyber Security Consulting  

Many companies want to secure their data but are unsure about how to do so. With Stryve’s cybersecurity consulting service, you gain access to an experienced cyber security team that guides and advises your organisation. Data security is a broad concept so, after a discussion with you and your team, we get to work implementing the changes you want to see made. Our experts always have your best interests at heart; they take a product-agnostic, consultative approach meaning that we only recommend what we think is best for your business.

Data Security: Pen Testing  

Over the past few years, you and your organisation may have invested in cybersecurity solutions. However, data security is about more than just having the latest and greatest; you must also verify that the solutions you have in place are working. Through our pen testing solution, Stryve and our team of white-hat hackers put your cybersecurity defences to the test.  

Data Security: CISO as a Service  

With cybersecurity on the rise, you may be looking to add another layer of protection but are unsure how you can find room in your budget for another full-time hire. Our CISO as a Service solution guarantees you access to an experienced security officer for as many days per month as you need. With data security at the forefront of everything we do, we produce a cybersecurity management strategy from the C-Suite down and create a comprehensive information security programme designed to meet your needs. Our service is completely customisable and ensures that you, your organisation and your data are protected.  

Data Security

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